Imported Cooked Hams

Polean Cooked Hams

Our Cooked Hams are Imported from Canada and Europe.  They are Fixed Weight (12 lbs) and Cooked in their bag to assure over 9 Months of Shelf Life. They are made from Fresh Pork Ham Muscles only, Never Frozen. Our Customers prefer our Hams for their Leanness and Uniform Color. Domestic Products also are available.

Polean Natural Juice Hams:

Sandwich4x6_DeluxeOur Natural Juice ham recipes have been designed and produced to mirror Old World European practices and processes for nearly 20 years. These delicious hams are available in 98% and 97% Fat Free recipes, and are perfect for platters, sandwiches and countless gourmet pairings.

Polean Water Added Hams:

sliced ham no backgroundOur Water Added products enjoy the same European recipes and processes the company was founded on. Available in 100%, 98% and 97% Fat Free, these hams provide the taste and consistency of a true import at a tremendous value. Recommended for slicing, platters, sandwiches, cooking and chefs imagination!

Polean Water Added NFF:

Delux HAMPolean Water Added (no fat free statement) Ham offers one of the best values for a true imported product that you are likely to see. Commonly known as a 10%, this is the cooked ham found in most deli’s and supermarkets available by the pound. This product is great for cooking, dicing, breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, and of course… your chefs imagination.

Cooked Ham Data

POLEAN CODE (See Product Spec. Sheet)
PRODUCT WEIGHT 12 lbs (Fixed Weight)
PIECES PER CASE 2 units (4’’ x 6 1/2’’) x 12 lbs
CASE DIMENSIONS 13 1/2 x 12 1/2 x 4
PALLET COUNT 8 /row – 9 rows – (6 vertical)
SHELF LIFE More Than 9 Months
STORAGE Keep Refrigerated

Categories available

Extra Lean Cooked Hams:

– Natural Juices, 98%, Fat Free.
– Natural Juices, 97%, Fat Free.
– Water Added, Fat Free.
– Water Added, 98% Fat Free.
– 35% Added Ingredients, 96% Fat Free.
– Pork Shoulder Picnic, 96% Fat Free.
– Ham & Pork Shoulder Picnic, Non Fat Free.